As it’s International Women’s day I’ve been reflecting on the role of women in the modern world.

When I was a little girl – like many little girls – I wanted to be a Princess (actually no that’s not true – I thought I was one!), I also wanted to be a Secretary – just like my mum!

As I got older I wanted to fit in … be like everyone else … & we can’t all be Princesses can we? So we all looked around for something else that we could be. I learned to touch type (at age 10!) and settled on being a Secretary.

Throughout my working life my ambitions grew (not to mention the fact that I realised I would have made a rubbish secretary), and as I climbed the corporate ladder I became addicted to success & the side-effects of success cost me several relationships, my sanity & almost cost me my life, so when I discovered or should I say re-discovered my feminine energy – I swung so far the other way (as we often need to do when we first make a shift) and I made my big leap into the unknown.

On the day I decided to walk out on my corporate career at the Walt Disney Company, I sent Dan (my then very new boyfriend!) a text to say “I’m leaving Disney” and he replied “Sounds great babe, is there something else you want to do or do you just want to be a princess instead?” and I thought YES I’ll take that job please – I want to be a Princess & for the first time in my life I admitted that what I really wanted was to be taken care of.

I wrote myself a new job description, it had two lines on it
– to be happy
– to be pretty

(& Dan said I was always pretty when I was happy ;-) )

And for a while it was fun & it taught me so much about who I really was without the suit and the size of my paycheck, and I grew to trust – myself, other people & in something greater than myself. I breathed a sigh of relief as I realised I didn’t have to do everything myself & nothing bad would actually happen.

And I absolutely know that I had to let go of all of that responsibility and pressure to create the space for the new to come in.

But eventually it wasn’t enough for me – as I supported Dan in the creation of his business & followed him around the world like the DJ’s girlfriend, there was a part of me that felt like I was suppressing a part of myself (& just to be clear it was not Dan that was doing the suppressing!).

I knew I was holding back, I knew I was hiding from who I really am and what I’m here to do (& if you’ve ever done that or are still doing it, you’ll know how painful that is)

For some reason being a Princess just wasn’t enough

So I gave myself a promotion

My new job was ‘Princess on Purpose’

And I added a line to my job description …

To live my life on Purpose every day.

And when I did that … The Passion, my Pride and the Profits soon followed.

And of course the best news is now we can all be Princesses – being Princesses of our own Purpose means there is a job for everyone.

And coincidently (or not!) it is Disney that have now come up with a new definition of a Princess …

“Strong but still vulnerable, defending others who can’t defend themselves, having deep values that transcend self. Our kindness is our power”

Check this video Disneys new definition of a Princess (courtesy of Everyone Matters) for the full job description & do let me know if you want the job?

Happy International Women’s Day. Join me in celebrating the power and potential of all girls and all women everywhere around the world.

With love & laughter,

Lucie B.