As the next Damsels In Success Licence to Lead Day is on the horizon, I am pondering the reasons why other women would want the same opportunity that I’ve had… Why would you become a Damsels in Success Director? There could be so many reasons of course, so let me tell you why I become part of this fabulous female phenomena…

It all started in my childhood – you could see the seeds in me even then… A blonde haired, blue eyed child – chatty, creative, a natural people watcher & people pleaser, which led, through life’s paths to my becoming a Human Resources Manager – working in the corporate world to support & develop people of all flavours.  My career was in the realm of cars – I ensured that manufacturers & engineers hit the mark & met their targets.

After 20 years of this I knew it wasn’t what I wanted any more – I was a pseudo man – shouting the odds on factory floors & in Board Rooms – dressing in men’s clothes (the ubiquitous black trouser suit) & whilst loving being at the coal face, feeling empty & burnt out & knowing that I wanted to be elsewhere… But where?  And how? And doing what? I could not see past my mortgage & the eternal hamster wheel of 9-5 slog & stress.

I literally felt ‘broken’, so I started a self development journey in order to heal myself & find myself. It was a long & twisting road & eventually it bought me to Lucie Bradbury & Damsels in Success…

I joined the 1st ever group in Warwick as a member. Suddenly I was energised & inspired; now I was in the company of like hearted women – who knew what they wanted from life, who pursued their dreams, who chose their path, rather than trod the treadmill of life…

It was time for me to step from corporate ‘femi-man’ to being a Director of my own life, & so after only a few short months as a member I knew I wanted to share the gift of Damsels with more women – and so it was that I became one of the 1st Directors that Lucie Bradbury bought on board. And with her & my sister Directors, we quickly grew from 1 group to 14 across England, Scotland & Wales.

So why am I a Damsels Director??? Well I’m passionate about showing women that they can choose the life they want & giving them the support to make it all possible. As part of the Damsels in Success community you are provided with opportunities, strategies & connections that literally change lives! As a member & leader for nearly 5 years I have seen women go on amazing voyages of discovery that have opened up the Universe to them – businesses have been created, friendships forged, relationships healed & love found – it has been incredible to witness.

As a Director I choose to work with Lucie & get the infrastructure & support of her husband – marketing guru Dan Bradbury & his team. I choose to work with sister directors who want to run their own business, whilst being part of a warm & professional team & all this whilst supporting the growth & change of other women in my own group & across our national community.

I currently run the Burton on Trent group & I have to say that my greatest gift is my members… Having members is a gorgeous responsibility & one that I treasure – I get to guide & support the beautiful souls who are drawn to our community & to me. I have witnessed transformations, releases & so much growth – it makes me alternately humble & proud to be part of this fabulous ‘eve-olution’. And it is not just your members who take flight… As a director YOU grow too & for me that has been exponential – as I have turned my life around 360 degrees, choosing & changing every aspect of my life & creating the one that is me – to a tee.

That analogy of turning a full 360 circle is such a powerful one to me – you see as a child I would write stories & poems & sail the seas of my own imaginative invention. I left school & studied English Literature at University & yet somehow this all got lost in the mélange of my corporate life – dressed as I was in black, turning the wheels of the man’s world. I literally forgot who I was – so much so that when I had the undeniable urge to write again – I knew with all my soul that I had to follow my intuition – but I really wondered WHY I was doing this & where it fitted into my life. But then I quickly realised that this writing that I was compelled to create – was quite literally my life – as I found myself writing Love Letters to the players, entities & happenings that had rocked, shaped & flowed through my world – analysing, celebrating & working out this amazing gift of life that I have been given.

My book ‘Peachey Letters – Love Letters to Life‘ was published in February 2013 & how could life possibly be the same after this? To my amazement me and my book have been featured in local and national media, including ‘Psychologies’ and the ‘The Lady’ magazines.  I have coached myself to a Peachey life, whilst my dreams & desires have been nurtured by choosing to be a Damsel in Success & having the support that I want & deserve.  And now here is the thing – now I get to give these gifts back to the world of women – and that, for me, has to be the biggest reason of all to be a Damsels in Success Director!

The next ‘Licence to Lead Day’ for directors is being held soon.  It is a content rich day for any women who wants to run her own business or run it better and it is also your opportunity to find out more about this gorgeous opportunity and decide if it is the right one for you and for Damsels.  To find out more – follow this link and if you have any questions, please email me or post them below.