What do you call it? When you are going for results, change, desires, dreams? Goals (quite masculine) Promises (that’s the Damsels in Success word) Intentions (yep) Anyway whatever you call it goals, intentions, promises I’m kinda fascinated by why we set them.

Ultimately it is to do with our happiness right? We set various goals/intentions whatever because in some way we believe that by achieving that goal/intention we will get happier. More money, happier. Fitter, happier. Great relationship, happier. You get the picture. But here’s the thing, we are constantly striving out with ourselves for something external that will validate ourselves. Happiness is an inside job (I know someone wrote that I don’t know who, but they were on the money!) Shawn Anchor on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday said the Ancient Greeks definition of Happiness was ” the joy that we feel striving for our potential.” Oprah freaking loved it, I freaking loved it. Yes. It’s what we feel! Danielle LaPorte has written the Desire Map and says “What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays — your life?”

There are studies and reports out there that have been done showing that lottery winners don’t get any happier when they win the lottery. How you feel about yourself doesn’t change when you win money, unless you consciously work on yourself.  I was very guilty in the past of thinking “When I get in a good relationship, I’ll be happy, I’ll be secure and then I’ll feel worthy” NO! I couldn’t call any of that in while I was pinning it on something happening outside of me.

So true. It’s the feeling that we are striving for. How will we feel when we have x amount of money coming in? How will we feel when our relationship is blowing our mind? BUT that feeling comes from within. We generate it… So you want to feel abundant start feeling it NOW, from within you. Brene Brown talks about gratitude being a practice. Practice being grateful, and more comes. And then as Shawn Anchor said striving for our potential gives us joy.

I used to write down goals without any feeling to them and they were just words on paper.  But from developing my Soul Confidence practice and from the amazing space within Damsels in Success I turned these into real expressions of joy and intent. And it’s worked. In the last couple of years I’ve turned over 6 figures in my first business, manifested an amazing, loving relationship, launched my own holistic programme and set up my own Damsels tribe in Manchester. I don’t say that to boast in any way, but to say that before I realised (on an intuitive level) that it all starts from within all of that was an impossibility. The Universe supports you when you clearly state what you want because you are radiating that feeling so that feeling comes right back to you.

One of the radest things about Damsels in Success is that Damsels get this. You have space every month to come in set your promises put feet to your prayers and be held accountable. Just by hopping onto the online forum you can see how the members practice gratitude every single day. Go to a group meeting and feel the energy of intention. Talk to the members and hear how they are manifesting their dreams. It’s not just nice ideas: it’s happening all the time

Kara is the Damsels Director for Manchester.