As we approach the Women Inspiring Women National Awards’ (which Damsels in Success is sponsoring) – Whilst I’m off the scale excited I know events like this can also bring us out of our comfort zone. Even something like, worrying about what we look like can really get in the way of doing something we want to do – or enjoying it as much as we could do.

Now, I’ve always had a fairly good self-image (when it comes to the physical at least – my mind has been a v different story!). I never used to think about it … back in my 20’s, colleagues in my corporate world would ask me months in advance what I’d be wearing to the Xmas do & I’d be like “I’ve no idea – whatever I feel like at the time” & I’d wonder why are they getting all worked up about it.

Now 3 babies later ( one very recently born!), I am now 40, in need of a Kylie re-style and alot less time to shop for one!

I’ve been getting so many questions about what to wear on Saturday (for the Women Inspiring Women National Awards Ceremony) that it occurred to me that ‘getting dressed up’ for a women can seriously bring up our stuff – our insecurities, our need to fit it, our need to stand out, finance issues, body issues, anything & everything issues!

I’ve also always like the idea of having a ‘Success with Ease’ style – you know the kind where you look effortlessly amazing. I’ve really do believe that the effort>reward ratio doesn’t always pay off.  Like everything I do though I believe there is a certain heart & mind set that creates success – the easy way.

Here’s a few of my tips for looking & feeling good on the inside out!
(which incidentally is the Damsels in Success theme for June!)

You’re not alone – we all feel insecure about what we look like & a ‘big’ event can really bring our stuff up. Share your vulnerability & you will soon realise that all women feel the same & you can take comfort in their support.

Stop comparing – there’s a fine line in learning from others (ie. what others are wearing, what preparation they are doing) & comparing in a way that leaves you feeling not good enough. Everyone has there own way of doing things – do not concern yourself with what everyone else is doing, trust yourself & it will work out.

No one’s actually looking at you – most people are too busy being thinking about themselves & of course if anyone that is judging you – they are only judging themselves. Surround yourself with people that love you just the way you are.

Beauty starts within- the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her smile, especially a genuine one that starts with the eyes. You ask any man & they will tell you that what makes a woman most attractive.

& when shopping …

Don’t leave things to the last minute – (I’m definitely work in progress on this one!) Why is that we avoid doing the thing we don’t like doing & then cause ourselves additional stress with the added time pressure.

If however you have left it late …

Don’t panic! – trust that the perfect outfit is out there for you. Focus on what you want (an easy shopping trip where you find the perfect item for you – well within budget!) not what you don’t want (stress, drama, affirming you’ll never find anything)

Take God shopping – when I connect with spirit, universe, my higher self on a shopping trip I always seem to find the perfect thing in my size of course & in record time.  Try it – what have you got to lose?

Get some help – in the case of the awards I got some help a little closer to ground too. Since losing a bit of confidence about what I look good in, I’ve really benefited from drafting in the experts & there are some fabulous image consultants out there (ask me if you want a recommendation).  Or you could always take along a friend who loves to shop (preferably for other people) who would be willing to take you under their wing – & it makes it alot of fun too.

Consider your budget – spend a little more than you normally would – but not too much that it makes you feel sick when you think about paying for it!

Take the pressure off – know when good enough is good enough!  Who are you doing it for anyway? When it says ‘Dress to Impress’ – perhaps it means impress yourself?!  It doesn’t actually really matter what you look like – it’s how you feel that counts and of course if you feel great, you’ll look great anyway!

and whilst getting ready …

Music is the the food of love – put on your favourite feel good tracks & practice dancing around your handbag!

Get the bubbles out – in the bath & by the glass (just the one for now!)

& the most important thing if doesn’t really matter what you wear – as long as you are there – don’t let your insecurities stop you doing anything or prevent you from having the time of your life. It’s your life – live it, love it!

& of course get yourself along to a Damsels in Success event you won’t be judged there!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the weekend at the Women Inspiring Women National Awards. There will be so much love in the room – & lots & lots of laughter too.

There’s still time to vote and book your ticket

with all my love & laughter,

Lucie B.