As I’m going through my journey of life, just wanted to share a few reflections, observations and things that have impacted on me.

It’s so important for us all to live intentionally, and live on purpose.

It’s so easy to just go through life on auto pilot, just gliding through, not responsible or owning any of our lives or the choices we make, not connected, not in alignment.

Shuffling through, doing what everyone does, just because, without questioning. Making choices to fit in,because we don’t want to stand out, or challenge the status quo.

We stay silent, pushed along, at times resentful, but stay where we are, do what we’ve always done and what society always does, without question .

With every step we take, and every twist and turn and adventure it so needs to be that we are conscious, present and very aware and accountable of our steps, actions and the places we find ourselves.

It’s so easy to just get caught up on that Hamster Wheel, just doing, just going, fitting in and blending, just existing, rather than living, but it is only when we make the decision that that’s not the life we want, that we want to live , really live a life in colour, rather than exist, barely and just get by.

What is it we are called for?
What’s our mission and what brings out the best in us, how can we be ourselves in the most truest and purest form, not the existing, fitting in, blending self, but the individual we are called and being directed to be.

Life gets less complicated when we shine, as ourselves and each bring what we have. When we were created and throughout our lives God knows our strengths and the areas we need others and with that total synergy, each at our most authentic, complete and vulnerable we plug in each others gaps , raise each other up and are held up by others.

It is only when we stand on a firm foundation, practicing that Self Love, Self Care and are aware and stable of our mission, purpose, values and identity, can we truly love and appreciate others or know how, where we connect best to others.

When we come to a place where we are so grounded and get there’s a bigger picture and just flow in that knowledge can we start to let go of all the low level concerns, the nonsense, insecurity, and minutia that so often over takes us.

When we are so focused on our mission, giving love, receiving love and making an impact , however it is we do it, at whatever the level, no matter how small we believe that contribution. Every call is needed and every dot, every particle helps to make up the whole picture.

If it didn’t work, don’t accept it, don’t keep doing that thing, don’t let habits keep you in a rut, motives are key, why do you do what you do, what’s the benefit, and what outcome are you expecting, don’t just do what others did, have done, do, even it brought success for them, unless you are certain you can pay their price or have weighed up, and are sure it is inline with your end goal, your intentions, values, purpose and what’s being spoken into your life.
Be conscious as you take in information and fully understand the consequences.

We don’t all have to be the same or think the same, or have the same routines, if someone can do what we can’t or we have a strength others don’t it should be celebrated, not shunned upon, if you can’t do it, it means just that alone you can’t do it, not that it can never be done. On the other side if you feel called to do something , have the vision and capability , then flow in that zone, don’t be put off by loads that assume because they can’t , you won’t, because you will- if you do what it takes to make it happen .

Life is so precious, we have just one shot and we never know how long it is we have, so make every second count, live and love.

Just a few thoughts I thought I would share.