You may well have seen or heard of the Damsels In Success Licence to Lead Days, and you might have been wondering more about them.


I attended one of the Licence to Lead Days in June 2014, so thought I’d share my experiences, plus my video testimonial!


The day itself is split into 2 parts

–       Going through the 6 LAWS of lifestyle

–       Further information on becoming a Damsels In Success Director (if you’re interested).

The day was led by Michelle Clarke & Kara Grant, and they took it in turns going through each of the 6 laws.  For each one, we looked at how our lives would look if we were living according to those laws, and likewise, how our lives would look if we weren’t living according to those LAWS.

So this could be things like:

–       Not having time for yourself

–       Feeling alone in everything you do, without any support

–       Strained relationships with your significant others

–       A job that doesn’t fulfill your needs

–       Stress, unease, and general unhappiness


Or conversely (and preferably!):

–       Filling yourself up first

–       Asking for & receiving support

–       Success with ease

–       Happy relationships

–       Feeling valued and of value to others

(these are just a few examples).

 So for each of the 6 LAWS, we then considered ways in which we could invite more of the positive elements into our lives.

After we’d reviewed these, we were then invited to stay on if we wanted to hear more about becoming a Director for Damsels In Success.  As I explain in the video above, I stayed (in fact, all of us did).

Michelle & Kara provided an overview of what becoming a Director could mean for us and our lives, and how it actually ticks all the positive boxes in the 6 laws.  So an easy way to bring those 6 laws into our lives would be to become a Director.  We then learned about the business side of it – how it all works, and the costs & income opportunities.

After that session, we then then invited to stay if we wanted to discuss it further as individuals.  As I mention in the video, I am very proud to say that I have signed up as the Director of Damsels In Success Bristol and I’m launching in October 2014!

As a personal development tool in its own right, the Licence To Lead day was really helpful in identifying areas in my life that I want to improve, so even if you aren’t interested in becoming a Damsels In Success Director, it’s still a great day of personal development.

To find out more about the Licence to Lead days & becoming a Director contact Julie at Damsels Heart Quarters

To find out more about my brand new Bristol group, click here:

I hope this has helped to explain more of what’s covered in the Licence to Lead day, let me know if you decide to go!

Nikki x