How good are your vibrations?!

How great do you feel after a holiday? Time away, a new environment, a chilled out vibe can give you that fresh, summer glow. Bliss. But how do we keep it going? How can we bottle that good stuff up so that we can feel that on a wet, dark morning in February when time away seems like a distant dream.

You know how great you feel when you are relaxed, taking care of your body and mind and in a space where you feel spacious! I bet you are much more productive and creative.  So taking care of your body is not just for the beach it’s great for business!

At Damsels in Success we believe in filling yourself up first and health and energy is paramount to this. I remember, back to those dark PD days (pre damsels) when I had started on my entrepreneur journey. I was burning the candle at all possible sides and lengths possible! In fact the candle was just a puddle of wax. At one point I was working 60 hours a week and I was constantly unwell, tired, depleted and feeling yuck. I was seeing my flatmates bounce in from work at 5.30 and chilling out over their evenings – doing things – actual things –  at the weekend and I was like “Hold on I left a 9-5 for more freedom not less, what the sweet lordy is going on here?!”

Yes ladies, I had become my Worse Boss Ever.  Can you relate to this? Quick, how do I hand my notice in?! The good vibrations were not happening for me! Luckily it didn’t last long…ta da, the universe presents Damsels in Success. When my biz partner at the time one Natalee Tucker started going to meetings and getting involved with this mysterious Damsels she was coming to me and talking about this Filling Yourself Up First stuff. Hmmm the penny started to drop, I was teaching being kind to yourself maybe, just maybe I could take my own advice? I was intrigued by all of this and when I had the opportunity to join Damsels I jumped in and phew, so glad I did

I loved the meetings, I was buzzing with good vibrations from them and our business, and my life, totally changed. Within the next 6 months our business turned over 6 figures, we were nominated for 6 awards and most importantly I was in love with my life and business!!! And it went hand in hand with my deepening of my own Soul Confidence practice and the energy I experienced,  helped launch this as my own coaching business.

So when I moved up north, I knew I needed to keep those good vibrations going and how that manifested was launching my own super gorgeous group in South Manchester. And I am so happy that on Monday the 15th of Sept Damsels in Success Manchester’s monthly event is on Health and Energy: Good Vibrations. I would love to see you there, and you can leave buzzing with good vibrations to take into your biz and life! Just click on the link below to book your space

I would love to hear how good your vibrations are! Please comment below or find me on facebook or tweet me up @karavgrant.


Till then let’s turn it up loud and proud:

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