In the run up to launching my Damsels group in Bury St Edmunds, I’ve been experiencing the mother of all wobbles!!

It’s been the kind of wobble that had me waking up through the night and this morning with a sharp intake of breath that was filled with blind panic and an instant fear that pinned me to the bed and made me feel like all the blood was draining from my body!!  Crashing, banging thoughts of all the things I should have done but haven’t yet, the loudness of the tick-tock of time counting down to the all important date that’s speeding to me so quickly it’s hard to catch my breath….yep, it’s been that kind of wobble!

Now there was definitely a time when that type of experience would have had me whipped into a thought storm for a good few days, experiencing every event with a sick feeling of impending doom gurgling in my stomach.  Because, like the vast majority of people, I used to live in the reality that I would only be okay again once I’d dealt with all the things I needed to do and this terrible feeling was surely a sign that I was going to fail!!

But not any more, because I’m so thankful for two very important things that have completely changed this kind of experience for me now.

The first is my grounding in a principled based understanding that helps me to see at a very deep level that what I’m always feeling in these and any other moments is not reality, it’s just thought passing through me that I’m having an experience of, nothing more and nothing less.  You see the instant I see that as truth and relax into the knowledge that it’s just where I’m at in that moment, then the power of the thought storm naturally starts to blow out and a fresh new breeze of thinking comes in and the door of possibility opens up for me once more.

And the second is Damsels in Success and the incredibly safe and loving community that I can turn to in any hour of need.  My fellow Damsels remind me that all is well and I am not alone and that when I’m ready I can look and find the gift in the experience I’m having.  Because you see it’s often in our darkest moments of turmoil and wobble that our greatest lessons are waiting to be given.

In these experiences lies the chance to connect more deeply with who we are and embrace the opportunity to stretch and grow into a new evolution of ourselves.  And while my evolution is taking place my Damsels are there encouraging me and letting me know that the wobble will pass, the gift is on it’s way and through the process they’ve got my back and no harm will come to me.

It’s a very unique gift indeed to be part of a community where showing all of your vulnerabilities is accepted without any judgement…in fact it’s openly encouraged…because to be vulnerable is to stand in the power of our femininity, which is a truly beautiful thing.

So, as my wobble subsides, the gifts I am receiving are beautiful and plentiful.

I have the gift of seeing even more deeply the truth that I am always living in the feeling of my thinking moment, by moment, by moment and that when I see it and surrender to it, it flows on by.

I have the gift of the extraordinary love and acceptance of my Damsels sisters, who stand by my side cheering me on and always believing in me, even if I’ve temporarily lost belief in myself.  This is the magic of Damsels at its best – loving, understanding, non-judgemental and always encouraging me to shine and be the best I can be.

And I have the gift of knowing that on 11th September when I launch my own Damsels group in Bury St Edmunds, that I’ll be creating a new community of amazing women who’ll also receive the gift of experiencing the magic of Damsels in their lives.  And I’ll have the honour of leading and supporting these women as they step up and shine in their lives in their own unique and gorgeous way…and I can’t wait!

If you’d love to find out how you can experience the magic of Damsels and join us at my Living the Dream launch, click here and you’ll be taken over to the Bury St Edmunds event page…I look forward to meeting you there 🙂

So to close, I’d like to give three big cheers to getting the wobbles and to receiving the gifts that are always there waiting to be found.

Until next time, sending you love and hugs

Katie xxxx