I would love to share my Damsels infused journey so far as a mamma to be with you. And I’m going to get really REAL (It’s OK I know we love being REAL in Damsels so it’s all good) Like as in a bit messy, a bit imperfect and a whole lotta authentic from now till post babs.

So I am 23 weeks (my Maths skills are improving sharply with being pregnant lots of counting goes on and this is how medical people like to keep you labelled) I’ve had inspiration to chronical out loud my experiences thanks to a very foxy lady Latham Thomas (aka Mama Glow – this lady is definitely a Damsel – check out her vblogs) Through my own practice of journalling I’ve seen my journey unfolding and I wonder: how different would my experience be if I wasn’t a Damsel in Success? How would I be feeling right now, running my own business without practicing (so different to just knowing right?!) filling myself up first? How would my relationship be if I wasn’t aware of and asking for support? How much FEAR would I be experiencing? Simple answers – stressed to the MAX, terrible and LOADS!


I can picture myself PD (Pre-Damsels) right now at 23 weeks, burned out, panicking about how to run a business when a small person arrives and trying to juggle a million things to “cope” (Don’t let anyone know you can’t cope right, ’cause you are a woman and we are supposed to just “know”. Everything.)

You get the picture! (And see left if you like a visual :))

It’s not pretty but I know its a situation a lot of female entrepreneurs will have found themselves in. Like “hold on I have a plan, it involves changing the world but how do I do that while I’m changing nappies?” “How can I do it all while I’m throwing up, watching my clothes shrink and deciding on a cot, moses basket, pram, buggy, car seat” So yes, pre Damsels I would have been very different: what road map would there have been? Who was going to let me know about the new paradigm? Where would I hear mothers having been through this experience saying to me “You can have success with ease, put yourself first and don’t let the status quo be your quo”

And oh yes, our baby was a surprise, don’t get me wrong a lovely surprise but the first thing that I thought was “It’s not the right time” The famous right time – can someone tell me when that is?! See I have no idea when this right time was due to be but after taking my pregnancy test I could have told you “Not now” Not till I had my VIP programme set up for Soul Confidence, not till my Damsels in Success group was a bit more established, not till Mary Poppins had turned up looking for a new job with a slightly less upper class family than the last, not till My Mum had moved closer, we had got a dog, trained it up and it was kinda like the dog from that film that looks after the kids, not till we had bought our first house together, I had done a sky dive, not till the stars had aligned and all my ducks were in a row shouting “NOW NOW WOMAN ITS THE RIGHT TIME NOW”

Me and my man discussed it and he basically did that thing where he told me everything I had ever told him and did the whole Damsels for a man 101. “There is no right time…” “Imperfect action…” “You’ve designed your business for your lifestyle” “there is so much support out there” Man. He had been listening to me. Under the radar when I wasn’t expecting it BAM!

I went through a range of emotions through the first two weeks of knowing from total joy and excitement,  guilt – (I hadn’t planned to be pregnant there were people who really wanted it and who am I to be …you know, the whole ego thing) Then a bit more guilt because I didn’t have to work 12 hour shifts like some of my friends who were pregnant (I remember crying in bed one morning to my man about this to his absolute amazement – “you’re upset because you don’t have to do a 12 hour shift?!”) Then back to excitement, joy and euphoria “I’m going to be a MAMMA!!!!!!” With a bit of where are all the cool maternity clothes despair thrown in  (Not easy but Rockabye Rosie and ASOS maternity clothes are pretty cool)

BUT you know –  that didn’t last long. And I totally put that and my amazing state of mind now down to 3 things:

1) My own Soul Confidence practice. For sure I have developed a very strong practice that I preach and I preach what I practice. If that makes sense. I get on my mat and I meditate, I journal and I connect with my body and breath daily.

2) A damn fine kick ass supportive partner

3) Damsels in Success

Damsels in Success gave me that road map. I am blessed to be around the most inspirational group of women. And I get to see amazing female entrepreneurs who are Mum’s. I get to hear that yes it’s not always easy but it can be full of ease. I get to see how your family can blend with your business with ease. And I get to see women who are changing the world while they change nappies and guess what? They aren’t stressed to the max, with terrible relationships and constantly in fear. They are living the law of ease, authenticity and team. Damsels in Success is showing me – you can be a great Mum, a great entrepreneur and a great leader – by being ME. And ladies, don’t go it alone. Get your team behind you ’cause the support you get from being a part of Damsels in Success is like nothing else.

If you liked this please share this with your peeps on social media and/or comment below. And  something to think about and take action with, is whether you are a Mamma to be or not, where is the support in your life coming from at the moment? How is it possible that you could get even more support to allow you to play at your A-game? Where is it in your life and business that you can experience more success with more ease? I would love to hear what you come up with so please do comment below and let me know.

Till next time it’s bye from me and the bump x