“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health – Voltaire”

Female Entrepreneurs make an amazing contribution to our region, but there’s no denying, it can be tough balancing work, home, family and relationships. Damsels in Success is a unique community of women in business and female entrepreneurs who are discovering that it is possible to really design your life in a way that brings more success with ease, without the stress – in ALL areas of life – and who doesn’t want that?!

Shellie, Dawn and myself are so happy to be sharing our passion for Damsels in Success across the North!We want to share the life changing benefits of Damsels in success with as many female entrepreneurs across the North and we want you to be involved not just in your local group but across the region. One of the new LAWS for women that Lucie,the founder of DIS created is the LAW of team.Women aren’t designed to go it alone, we are so much more creative and productive with a team around us. And there isn’t a better team than the community of women in Damsels… Imagine the opportunities to connect to even more heart centered female entrepreneurs around your wider area … Pioneer this movement with us across the North and be the change you want to see in the world – find your nearest group here: www.damselsinsuccess.co.uk