Being healthy can mean so many different things these days, having a healthy mind is totally different to being healthy and fit in body and both are equally important. In fact, I’m a firm believer that to have a healthy body you have to start with the mind.

Our minds are unbelievably powerful and the thoughts we have day to day about food and our bodies most definitely have a direct impact on our health. That’s why it’s important to understand your own food journey and to get to grips with how you talk to yourself about food.

I don’t believe in musts, dont’s or cant’s when it comes to food, I believe in changing the conversation around so when that little voice in your head says “I want that cream cake but I’m not allowed it, it’s naughty” change the dialog and take back control. Switch it to “I know I can have that right now, but I choose not to have it”.


Changing your health starts with small, achievable steps. That’s why diets don’t work. Come on we all know they don’t. As a society we’ve been dieting for centuries and we’re now the most obese generation in recorded history – diets don’t work. The key to change is to shrink your focus down. Have the main goal in mind, but focus in on the small steps. We live in a society of overwhelm and that constant feeling of bombardment causes us to feel that things are just impossible and so we quit. The key to achieving your goal whether it’s in health, fitness or even in business is to shrink the focus down. Be aware and mindful how that next small decision can take you a step towards what you want to achieve or a step away – and then make your choice.

And start eating. Yes, that’s right the best way to ultimate health is to develop a healthy respect and excitement around food again. Food has the amazing ability to heal our bodies at a cellular level. And by choosing the right balance of healthy food types we can heal our cells, balance our hormones and nourish both our body and mind.

About the author 

Susan Davies – Bio

After a high-pressured career in the corporate world and her own challenging journey with food, Susan escaped and went free range. After retraining in Holistic Nutrition with SNHS she set up Thrive Magazine to help others learn about healthier options in eating and lifestyle. Susan also offers nutritional coaching to help people get back on their journey to health.




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