Systems are SO sexy

So I want to talk sexy. Uh-huh. Really sexy. I want to talk about systems. Wait, wait. Come back, I promise this is interesting. I want to celebrate systems. I write a blog over a year ago first celebrating my love for the s word and I want to shout out even more about them now


I resisted systems because I’ve never really been great at being told what to do. I want to be free man, to express myself and do my stuff. Which is all great but here’s what I’ve discovered 1) I actually quite like being told what to do when it’s on my terms and when I’ve invested in someone to tell me what to do (makes some kind of sense) and 2) in order to have that freedom I crave I need to have great systems.


I have a great lifestyle I work 2 days a week sometimes more but not often. I get to spend the best time of my life with my wee boy. I get to have awesome experiences and I’m doing the work I’m here to do but I’m not overwhelmed or burnt out. Why? Support. And what is a version of support. Yes you got it, systems.


Now the reason I’ve been really turned on again to this topic is because I’ve invested time, energy and money into a system (support) to help my wee mans sleep. Feeling I was veering into overwhelm & burnout with lack of sleep I knew I needed support. Within a few days of starting with a sleep coach we had a whole new day routine for babs. And oh my goddess, I’ve taken to it like the proverbial duck. The simple changes and structure has opened up a new world, the adjustments to morning nap means we are getting to classes and groups we didn’t before. Plus because I’m encouraging Arthur to sleep without feeding him to sleep I’ve been walking miles recently meaning I’m discovering new places and getting uber fit. Plus I’m getting to scope out potential future homes for us on my travels. So many bonuses! (I’ll let you know how the new nighttime routine goes!)


A system is a proven way of doing something to support you in doing it. See a great system allows me to do my stuff, to be in my zone of genius and living joyfully. While I, trying to figure something out that I haven’t done before or isn’t in my zone of genuis I’m not doing “my stuff” or living joyfully (chances are I’m about to bang my head off a wall)


Top tips:


  • Look at an area that is draining your energy or feels hard. Why? Ask yourself, honestly, why is that feeling tough? How do you want to feel in that area?
  • Find a system that works. In the long run that investment of time, money, energy in that new system is going to give a huge ROI.
  • Use the system and then go do “your stuff” knowing you’re supported. Your energy will be free, you’ll be feeling great and you’ll attract more clients, money, opportunities in. Track your progress with the system and the results you get.

Want more? For deeper integration ask me for the worksheet with a great integration exercise


And more? If you’re in South Manchester on the 8th of Feb we will be deeply diving into this topic as the theme of our next event is Simple Sexy Success. Click here to book your free place.


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