What do you stand for?

What are the values that are important to you?

Are they aligned with your business too?

We’ve been looking more and more at our values at Damsels in Success over the last 12 months – with lots of what I call ‘critical thinking and critical feeling’, and as a team we’ve decided on 9 core values that we all feel aligned to and able to bring into our actions and behaviours on a daily basis.

Values describe what’s important to you – and without knowing this either personally or professionally it’s difficult to align people, processes, behaviours and actions to them.

Check out this video where I share the Damsels in Success values – and you can use them as examples to create your own (if you want to know more about the thorough process we went through to get them, let me know?)

I’d love to hear what the values are behind your business – please comment below and share with us

Lucie B x