I have something really important to say and I’m not gonna hold back. Our lives depend on it!  (I know I’ve always been a little dramatic.)

Seriously there’s something that needs addressing … like there’s something fundamentally flawed about the female conditioning (before you get mad at me I said our conditioning, not the real you, she’s awesome, amazing and utterly adorable.)

Throughout my 10 years of leading Damsels in Success – a supportive personal development community dedicated to women’s growth –  I’ve seen countless examples of this flaw that I realise is something we’ve all got in common.

I see the epidemic everywhere – women exhausted, depleted, resentful – or just plain angry (often covered up – but we know it spills out in all sorts of ways, behind closed doors with the ones we love the most or in at the supermarket checkout or the traffic lights with complete strangers-right?!) 

Often without realising, we’ve all bought into it, been brought up on it and even collude with each other in it, to keep the cycle going.

It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to say no.

It’s time to break the cycle. 

I want to help us all get free.

It’s a cliche for sure – but there is a better way.

A way where we ditch obligation and follow desire. Where we let go of the people pleaser and prioritise our pleasure.

I can hear you say, “I sure as hell hope so!” I mean can we really carry on the way we are??

I have the antidote to this female epidemic and I would like you to invite you to come play with me and find it for yourself.

Join me and break the myth of martyrdom – recognise how we all do it, almost without realising, and it’s society’s (and maybe our own!) way of keeping us small.

Join me and break down the (often perceived) barriers that have created the glass ceiling, the power struggle and the playing small syndrome.

Once we’ve cleaned away the ‘stories’ that are getting in the way.

Then we can really start to play.

Yep that’s when the real fun starts, when you get to fill your life with pleasure, frivolous no freaking reason kind of pleasure, be driven crazy with desire, express yourself fully and freely, step into your woman, go wild, be bold, wear your heart, sleeve and your brilliance on your bra!

I know you might think I’m crazy. I mean how are we really going to get away with having this much fun?

Well there is a way, where this is actually our birthright, our gift to the world – and when a women gets full, she shares it with the world.

You tell me what’s selfish about that?

It all starts this Friday – Join me and I’ll take you from a frustrated female to Feminine Freedom!

In a half day interactive seminar/workshop, you’ll discover “The Five Keys to Feminine Freedom.” That will get you full, get you free & get you in your flow

If this message resonates, come play, come join the party, the pleasure party, the getting freaking free party.

Get your tickets here – we have just 5 to share at £20, and when they’re gone our regular ticket price of £60 kicks in….