The other week,  I was talking to you about The Female Epidemic – the epidemic that is holding us back, keeping us small, oh and did I mention..exhausted! (Check out last week’s blog if you missed it).

The antidote is my ‘Five Keys to Feminine Freedom’ and one of the fastest ways to end the epidemic is to follow DESIRE.

By stepping fully into living a life based on desire, we don’t just get more of what we want, we do it in a way that feels nourishing and fulfilling.

It’s almost like the doubts and demons can hardly get a look in (except for when they do ;-)).

Desire is what provides the compass, the direction – not just for you but for everyone around you.

Of course it starts with knowing what we want … Knowing what we want, what we really, really want. (I can’t write that without thinking of the Spice Girls ;-))

What we’re really craving for

What we’re really yearning for

What our body wants

What our soul wants

What our pussy wants (yes I really did just say that and whilst I’m at it, when was the last time you checked?)

And if you don’t know what you want…

You are not alone.

My experience of working with 1000’s of women over the last 10 years leading Damsels in Success is that most women don’t. They have no idea what they really want.

At our original launch event ‘Live the Dream’ we used to ask the 50 or so women in the room what they wanted…what their dreams were… and the majority would say,

‘I really don’t know’, or ‘I don’t stop long enough to think about it’, or even, ‘You know, I’ve actually never thought about it.’

And even those who do know still find it hard to say so, are afraid to go for the really big desires, or find it hard to express those really intimate ones. 

I’m starting a movement and my mission is for every woman

‘To know their desires, feel their desires and have the courage to go for them’

and it’s much easier to say than do!

The Female Epidemic says – what does it matter what I want? As long as my husband is happy…as long as my boss is happy…as long as the kids are happy…

In fact all I actually want is for everyone else to be happy (which we have no control over by the way!)

We spend all our time trying to make everyone else happy and then they’re still not happy, and we often feel nothing we do is quite good enough.

And we’re exhausting ourselves trying, using a ‘strategy’ that is fundamentally flawed

And do you know why?

They actually just want you to be happy!

They actually want you, to have what you want.

(and there are some people that don’t – but the good thing about that is that by following your desire is that you actually get to find out).

And making others happy al the time comes at a cost, all that resentment eats away at you.

We’re resentful that we’re consistently at the bottom of the pile (even though it’s us that put ourselves there.)

And everything somehow lacks a bit of direction, even excitement. (yes when was the last time you had the energy for all that??)

The Feminine Desire is the compass. You set the direction – without your desires leading the way, life is dry, dull and depleted.

Is it time for you to live a desire based life – fully, truly, in every way, in every day?

I’d love to know

If you are interested in exploring your desires, your big ‘this is what my soul is calling for desires’, your daily desires, even your most buried deep desires, then you are invited to join me at my one day workshop with other female leaders on Tuesday Feb 27th.


And if you can’t make it, get in touch anyway and we can support you in loving your biggest and best desire based life.

Pop me an email at and we’ll be in touch

All my love and desire

Lucie x