Damsels in Success Covent Garden

I’m Suzanne – group leader of Damsels in Success Covent Garden, an increasingly popular Personal Development Program for Women who are switched on, and want to join our journey of transformation within a soulful community of like hearted sisters. Each month I open the doors and phone lines to find five new members who are looking for coaching with me within this 12 month series of workshop style sessions in our stunning venue.

Are you ready to make 2017 a year of #SexySoulfulSuccess….? 

At Damsels in Success meetings across the country, we don’t just speak of success, we are all about #SexySoulfulSuccess

As a team of leaders, we have been diving deep into what we are offering you this year within our proven personal development system, within the warmth of our supportive, soulful sisterhood. If you are ready to be a part of our paradigm busting way for women to live, love, show up in life and shine….. Read on.

How would success feel if you were actually ENJOYING the journey?

In our monthly Damsels in Success Covent Garden meetings we come together to develop and evolve, to raise our awareness, heighten our insight and lift our inner states of being. We resonate at a new level, and in doing so we send the ripple effect outwards. Far and wide, into our communities.

So what does this Sexy Soulful Success, Damsels style, look and feel like within this sisterhood?

It’s Holistic, it touches all aspects of your life: business, career, friendships, family, romance, wealth, creativity – because it’s not about compartments – it’s about YOU. You at your heart. You as your authentically vulnerable and powerful self.

It’s Sexy because you have to give yourself permission to come from a place where you can feel the pleasure of freedom, fun, flow and enjoyment of showing up fully as your feminine self. Feeling good is celebrated as the route to doing good.

It’s Sustainable because it fills you up rather than depleting you.

It’s Soulful because it’s based on a deep understanding that we are all connected. Enmeshed through energy and frequency. From this place we want to support, contribute to community and lift others up.

“A rising tide lifts ALL boats” – We are in it together.

In our Sacred community it’s totally safe to share your journey. And we encourage and indeed gently expect your contribution of ideas, reflections, insights, new promises to yourself and aha’s…

The best news is, it’s here for YOU. The doors are open for Warwick one year membership this month. If you like the sound of living a Sexy, Soulful and Successful life, The Damsels Way, then let’s chat about how you can become a part of it.

I’m taking applications but spaces are always limited because I’m not just looking to get bums on seats. I want to bring in like-hearted women who are ready for this pioneering approach to powerful feminine leadership.

Details of our next event

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