Damsels in Success Croydon is a monthly gathering of fabulous women to inspire, energize and support you in creating the life of your dreams. We usually meet on the second Friday of each month, unless Easter or Christmas intervenes! We meet at the Croydon Park Hotel, Altyre Road which is close to East Croydon Station. There is an underground car park at the hotel, but public transport links are also great- trams, buses and mainline trains mean I regularly have guests from East London or Brighton.Louise-34 - Copy

I’m Louise Cardon and I started the group in June 2014 after being a member at Bexleyheath for a year. I experienced such an enormous transformation in those 12 months that I wanted that experience for other women who were running their own businesses and trying to balance that with their personal life. The group has gone from strength to strength with the support of some amazing women who live and work anywhere from Orpington to Epsom and beyond.

I have lived in the area since 1981 and have been running a business locally since 2004. I have a background in the oil and gas industry, but became interested in complementary therapies when my first child was born in 1992. You can find out more about what I do over at my website louisecardon.com

Our Second Birthday





 About Damsels In Success

Damsels in Success is the leading transformational network for the female entrepreneur (or any women who works for herself or who wants to).Damsels-10 - Copy

Damsels in Success was founded in Warwick in 2008, expanded nationally in 2010 and is now in multiple locations throughout the UK.

Our Vision  – To pioneer a framework / blueprint for living that women & the planet is crying out for!  By not doing business like anyone else we will experiment & create a template for feminine leadership that

Our Mission – To change the way women live and work – so they experience ‘Success with Ease’ and Success without the Sacrifice’

DIS is a community that is developing a culture to help women to think BIG & feel FEMININE.

Our Philosophy – By creating a loving & supportive environment (rather than a toxic one) for women to be in – their natural essence blossoms and they transform in an effortless way.  When we work alone we are limited – together we can make a real difference to own lives, the lives of our families, our communities and the world.

We believe in doing things with EASE – a state that allows us to achieve more without stress or sacrifice.


Lucie’s Dream for DIS …

Every women in it will shine brighter, be bolder, be more visible – noticed for who she really is within her family, amongst her friends (peer  group) & in her market place. DIS helps her to be at the top of her game, live a 10/10 in all areas of live & continuously evolve, blossom & grow.  Every Damsel has carved out her space in the world – the space she came here to claim. The space where she lives her purpose effortlessly.

The DIS Community is helping women to think BIG & feel FEMININE.  Every woman can do anything they want without compromise – there is no conflict between work & family – as everything works in harmony by filling ourselves up first.

The Damsel in Success is so much happier at home – she’s just better to be around! She receives support and encouragement for her dreams in abundance, not just from her fellow Damsels but – thanks to the magic of DIS – from everyone around her.

She is a leading light – an expert in her field and an example that inspires other women and giving so much to the world. And DIS is the place where she comes to fill back up. DIS feels like a place to call home. A place where you finally feel like you belong surrounded by people who are ‘awake’ and get that you want more from life and aren’t willing to settle. There is no judgement – just oodles of love & great ideas and advice to get you moving and accelerate your path.

The DIS membership investment pays for itself a hundred times over – as people’s businesses flourish financially –  prices go up, clients turn up, and as our self-esteem soars so do our bank balances.

Life is so much easier for the Damsels in Success women as they put their feminine first and find their flow.  They stop looking for perfection and take the easy (but not lazy!) path instead – where everything, success in all areas happens naturally.