You probably know by now that Damsels in Success is a phenomena that is sweeping the nation and I am very excited to be bringing it to Croydon. Up until now there has been a bit of a Damsels ‘black hole’ in Surrey, Sussex and South- west London. That will end on June 13th!

Damsels supports women who work for themselves, or who want to have more ‘Success with Ease’ and ‘Success without the Sacrifice’.But much of what we do would also apply if you are in employment or even retired!

Our launch event is called ‘Live the Dream’ and you’ll get the time and space to focus on your dreams, find out what’s getting in the way of reaching those dreams and how you can find solutions to make your dreams a reality.

Here’s why I need your help; in order to deliver an event that really meets your needs, I’d like to know your dreams and the challenges you face in life and business. It would be fantastic if you could complete a special surveyfor me to capture that informationand you can find it at this link:

Your answers will help me make our ‘Live the Dream’ launch event even more powerful and relevant to you.

I have two gifts that I would like you to have as a token of my appreciation and these will definitely help you live your dreams and reach your goals much faster than going at it alone.

GIFT #1 A FREE ticket to our brand new Damsels in Success Group Croydon launch

GIFT #2 FREE Instant Access to the ‘Seven Secrets To Feminine Success’ report by the CEO of Damsels in Success, Lucie Bradbury

So what exactly will you be getting if you come to our launch in Croydon?

Well apart from spending some time with amazing women near where you live, you’ll also discover

* Clarity on what you want out of life and how to create a plan to get it

* How to kick start your dreams & desires & a platform to help you achieve them

* Why meeting other entrepreneurial women who want to live their life on purpose will help fast track you to success

* How to find a peer group that will support you & hold you to the highest standard

* Why hanging out with the highest vibration of women in your local area can help you transform your life and business

* Why being in an environment that is free of judgement, where you can relax & totally be yourself is a dream come true!

* How to grow yourself & grow your business (or purpose)

* How to attract more success to you – effortlessly

* How to have more success without the sacrifice or unwanted side-effects!

* And more…

At Damsels in Success we help women to have ‘Success with Ease’ by providing a nurturing community, enlightening education and resources. So if you’re a woman who wants to ‘Live the Dream’ not settle for an ordinary life Damsels in Success is about giving you the support and the tools to help you to do that.

Remember to get your ticket to the launch of a brand new Damsels in Success group in your area and a copy of the ‘Seven Secrets To Feminine Success’ report click here to complete the survey: