November 11th

Spiritual Practice

Discover how spiritual practice can make you calmer, focussed and more successful in ALL areas of your life.

We want to encourage all women to explore developing a spiritual practice that suits their belief system, values and lifestyle so that they can be more consciously connected to themselves and to a greater purpose. This in turn will enable them be more in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions which means that they can be more confident in their life and business, be more focussed when required and have instant access to relaxing, calming techniques.
At our next meeting we will explore what ‘spiritual practice’ is, how it can be different for different people and how to find what might work for you.
Self- actualisation raises Consciousness, raising our vibration so we can be the best we can be. It takes us to the higher energy states of love, joy and happiness.

We are always expanding, but we may find ourselves at different levels at different times in our life. Dealing with issues of lower vibration, such as anger, fear, jealousy enables us to move forward and increase our vibrational level.

Connecting to a spiritual practice will change the way women live and work in that we become part of something bigger than ourselves. Damsels is a movement which enables us to experience the magnificence of a  purpose greater than ourselves.

Are you ready to join us?

Spiritual practice gives you Connection to yourself and to others, to Universe, Source, God- whatever your personal belief may be. Spiritual practice is consciously connecting on the inside so that you can create the life you desire on the outside.

When you are more connected to yourself through spiritual practice you are able to be more authentic, which raises your confidence.

This event is about discovering how you can make a conscious connection to help yourself and those around you ….

Join us and you will:

  • Discover the 5 fundamentals for effective spiritual practice
  • Learn how to fit practice into your daily life
  • Find out how the balance of Mind, Body and Spirit is crucial to your success
  • Shift your way of thinking about yourself
  • Change your views on what spirituality actually is
  • Feel happier, healthier, calm and more focussed
  • Receive SUPPORT, RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure you will be consciously connected and confident

and the usual benefits of coming along to a Damsels in Success event such as:

  • Consciously connecting with other entrepreneurial women who want to live their life on purpose
  • Finding a peer group that will support you & hold you to the highest standard
  • Hanging out with the highest vibration of women in your local area.
  • Being in an environment that is free of judgement, where you can relax & totally be yourself
  • Growing yourself & growing your business
  • Attracting more success to you – effortlessly
  • Experience simple sexy success without the unwanted side-effects!

Putting it simply…you’ll leave the meeting inspired and ready to rock the rest of 2016 and beyond!

December 9th

Goal Setting for Goddesses

More details to follow