June 10th 

Presenting With Presence

And Our 2nd Birthday!

We are constantly presenting ourselves whether that be in face to face meetings, in writing, on video, in blogs or delivering a presentation to a group. Becoming aware of the importance of Presence is like being not only wired up, but also plugged in and switched on!

Be warned. Your presentations will never be the same again!

We aim to  help our members and guests grow whilst learning the important ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of presenting to an audience in a way that is engaging, connecting and creates long term customers/clients.  To face and process those scary feelings we all get when we move out of our comfort zone and develop awareness of their own Presence and how that is/ is not serving them.

(This month’s Presentation focuses on presenting to a group. Much of what applies can also be transferred to individual situations)

This month’s meeting builds on the last 2 months, how to take authentically aligned action, with consciously connected confidence, bringing all of yourself to all aspects of life, including your business.

We have all sat through numbingly boring presentations with lots of bullet points and text, which the presenter insists on reading to us while looking at the screen. The presenter is usually blissfully unaware that they have lost their audience. This is what is commonly referred to as ‘Death By Powerpoint’… and you loose people to the emails on their mobile 😉

Better presentation knowledge and skills gives us the gift with our Businesses and Careers to confidently and authentically present ideas and products to others. It can make all the difference between success and failure.

This month’s presentation will show you how to avoid common pitfalls and also show you how Presence is the secret sauce of successful presenters.

As an attendee you will …

  • Discover the secrets of the world’s greatest presenters
  • Learn how to use and develop this knowledge and translate it into skills
  • Understand how the conscious use of your Presence will attract, engage and enroll your audience
  • “Have a go” and identify all the ways in which presentation skills can be used for your own marketing purposes.
  • Receive SUPPORT, RESOURCES & ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure your Simple Sexy Success

and the usual benefits of coming along to a DIS meeting such as:

  • Meeting other entrepreneurial women who want to live their life on purpose
  • Finding a peer group that will support you & hold you to the highest standard
  • Hanging out with the highest vibration of women in your local area.
  • Being in an environment that is free of judgement, where you can relax & totally be yourself
  • Growing yourself & growing your business (or purpose)
  • Attract more success to you – effortlessly
  • Experience simple sexy success without the unwanted side-effects!

You will leave the meeting knowing what makes a good presentation great and how to connect with your Presence in all areas of your life.


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 July 8th

Details to follow soon!