Join us at Damsels in Success, Glasgow and "Have it all”!

From the Desk of Sandie Peachey ,

Dear Fellow 'Damsel In Success'!

At Damsels in Success we don’t settle for 2nd best – we want to live life to the full.

We want the best of everything – the best career, the best friendships, the best love life, the best body, the best health …

Most of all we want to know that we are living our best life, don’t we?

But we don’t want the side effects of success either – stressed, depleted, exhausted, depressed or even sick.

We also don’t want to do it alone, we know life is better, easier and whole lot more fun when we are surrounded by supporters who’ll celebrate & nurture us along the way.

Now of course – Damsels in Success are very special ladies indeed!

They are women who want to live a different life. A life that is easy. A life that is feminine. A life that is totally fulfilled. We could go on & on…

So, why not come along and find out for yourself?

This event is on June 26, 2012 . This special event is part of our wider “Damsels in Success” Membership Programme – a life changing system for women to have more success with greater ease, in all areas of life!

Join us on June 26, 2012 and enjoy the support and encouragement from other fabulous women and leave feeling energised and inspired to make the changes you desire, NOW!

This months theme is Get Set & Sexy for Summer!

So Summer has arrived and are you ready for it? And I’m not just talking about dieting and exfoliating so we feel ready on the OUTSIDE – instead let’s REALLY get set and sexy to have a super summer of Success! So that means ditching the diet mentality to have more vitality and to dare to bare all (inside AND out) with increased confidence. And along the way we will share our special Damsels in Success style secrets in our fabulously unique way. Yes … this summer, Damsels in Success are set to raise our game in ALL areas of our lives – and that ALWAYS starts on the inside!

Where is it?

Kudos, 29 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 6BZ, UK

When is it?

June 26, 2012, 6:30pm – 9:30pm (though we often stay around and chat for longer!)

How much Does it Cost?

Damsels in Success is a community of fabulous women who are committed to getting the most out of life. Membership is paid on an annual basis and your investment for 12 months of fun and fantastic self development is just £650.


To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we are inviting guests along to come join us, so you can experience the magic of Damsels in Success for yourself, see how amazing it makes you feel and ultimately decide whether or not you'd like to join us as a member.


There are a restricted number of guest slots available at this Damsels in Success event on June 26, 2012.

If you'd like to join us and take advantage of one of the free places just fill in your personal details below to secure your place on our exclusive guest list.

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If you've got further questions send me an email or call me on the number below, I'd love to talk to you!

With love and laughter,

Sandie Peachey

P.S. Remember guest spaces are extremely limited, so if you have any questions, please contact me on the details below asap so I can answer them before we're fully booked


Sandie Peachey 07921 494363