How often do you meet?

Each Damsels in Success Group meets once a month – as a guest you can attend your first event completely free, and as a member you can attend as many different groups as you like. Some of our members like to use DIS events to do a tour of the country!

How does a DIS gathering work?

At each meeting you will get the chance to learn, to grow, to explore and to share. Each event is themed and we will share with you our ‘Success with Ease Strategies’ for that particular theme.

There will be some exercises to get you thinking about the strategies and how you can apply them to your own life and business, and chance to share any insights you have, or to hear from other guests and members.

We always have a break during the event where we celebrate with cake J and you get chance to connect with all the other amazing women in the room.

We also welcome guest speakers during the year to share their expertise, and provide a platform for our own members to speak to the group about their own experiences relevant to the topic that month.

Can I come as a guest?

Yes absolutely! Your first visit to Damsels in Success is completely free – come and experience what we have to offer, all we ask is that you book your place on the guest list on the website, come along, play full out and let us know what you think.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, we’d love you to invite guests to our Damsels in Success events – remember guests can come for the first time completely free. Just ask them to book in on the website to confirm their place on the guest list.

How much is it to join?

Damsels in Success membership is an investment of just £650 + VAT/year

What’s included in my DIS Membership?

Damsels in Success membership is an investment of just £650 + VAT/year. This gives you:

  • A 12 month programme of education & tools to support you to live the life of your dreams.
  • Monthly “get-together” with every month to share our powerful system with you personally
  • Exclusive access to our private forum to connect and collaborate in between meetings
  • A ‘LIVE’ online event of each DIS theme so you never have to miss a thing.
  • An invaluable set of resources such as on-line webinars, interview series, meditations, and expert programmes
  • Regular expert speakers on particular topics to enhance your experience

How do I find my local group?

Click here to “Find Your Local Group” – and remember we are launching new groups all the time so this list will be constantly updated.

How do I book onto an event?

All of our events are listed on our home page – click on the link for your local event and fill in your details on the webform to confirm your place on the guest list…it’s that simple.