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I'm curious, do you ever feel like you are pushing treacle up a hill? Perhaps you have no time for you after taking care of everyone and everything else?

Is there anyone who really gets you and your ideas and inspirations? Or do you feel like you have to hide the real you from the world?

Do you get that feeling that whatever is going on in your life, there is something bigger, bolder and brighter meant for you? But you're unsure where to find the support to achieve your dreams and desires?

Have you ever made promises and set intentions, and then struggled to realise them?

Would you love a safe and sacred space in which to grow and expand alongside other incredible women?

Do you feel you know all you need to know about your self to succeed? Or do you feel ready now to explore more and experience real change in your life?

Are you ready to invest in an annual programme of self development to enhance all areas of your life?

If you've answered yes to any of the questions, I'd love to share our Sisterhood at Damsels in Success with you - a Sisterhood that will support you as you grow yourself and your business.

I have never experienced such an inspiring, supportive, non-competitive group of women in my life (and I've been networking for 20 years)

- Lesley Hossner, Member - DIS Stevenage

At Damsels in Success we have created a sacred community of switched on, soulful women. Women who learn together, grow together, and who lift each other up and celebrate each others successes.

A community that is free of judgement, a tribe that cares about all of you, a sisterhood for your holistic success - we call it SEXY, SOULFUL, SUCCESS

SEXY: we mean it feels pleasurable, you feel awakened, you feel free, liberated, it's fun, and you do it with love and joy. You are able to give yourself permission, be accountable to yourself and feel empowered to make the choices you need to.

SOULFUL: this is the spiritual part of Damsels - when you align your success with something bigger than you, and listen to your soul's calling. We believe that if you don't listen to your soul then your success either feels hollow, or is simply unsustainable.

SUCCESS: must be holisitic, and based on your values and what your soul desires. To feel successful, we want to feel progress, and to know that whatever we are doing, we are enough.

SISTERHOOD: the importance of a peer group - women who believe in you before you believe in yourself. We always achieve more when we are part of a collective and we celebrate each other and lift each other up.

Damsels was something I'd been considering for a few months, ... I went to my first meeting in January, thinking it would be a good few months before I would see results. I'm now going to my 3rd having quit my job, signed up for a radio production course, started my own business with my husband, had a small but significant lottery win, and my close friends and family say they have seen a transformation in me. I also seem to be able to deal with things better and appreciate the day to day. It's all a bit new and still a bit scary sometimes, but my life is now going in a really awesome direction!

- Catrin Atkins, Member DIS Cardiff

So would you love to be part of a community that has local meetings around the country and a vibrant online tribe, that shares how to:

Prioritise your self care so you’re not only more productive but full of pleasure!
Create precious time and space for self reflection
Explore specific skills and strategies for your self development

And creates a safe and sacred non-judgemental space for you to grow, and feels like a real Sisterhood - one that will celebrate and cheer you when you succeed, hold you when you wobble, and lift you and catch you when you fall (and we all do at some point!)

Then come and join us - register your details for a call to find more.
One of our gorgeous team will call you, and you could save £150 off your membership 🙂

with love
Lucie B x

Wow, I wasn't expecting that...being with a new group of women and feeling that i can totally be myself and feel accepted, supported and encouraged, without even a hint of feeling judged. That in itself is truly healing. I already love my work, but since joining the group my sense of fulfilment has increased dramatically. A very special group indeed.

- Gouri Laher, Member DIS Manchester

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