Five Keys to Feminine Freedom - Get full, get free, get in your flow

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January 2018


26th January 2018
10AM - 1PM

Lucie Bradbury

On Friday 26th we have a very special event, Founder of the Feminine Freedom Movement (and Damsels in Success!) Lucie Bradbury will be holding a seminar - in the super centrally located personal development capital of the world, Leamington Spa!!

Fast Action Tickets are just £20.

Lucie is going to be lifting the lid on where our female conditioning is fundamental flawed and whilst we keep buying into it, and being seduced by its script, we are all screwed.

We can talk about getting into our power and how we think we deserve a life of pleasure - and then the next time the kids press our buttons or our men feel threatened by our freedom, or you still feel you’re not quite good enough in your work, or you’re too much for the other mums on the school run - we dumb down, we short order, and pretend we don’t want what we want (that’s if we have even allowed ourselves to want!!)

Welll Lucie has the antedoct to this epidemic and she’s going to be giving you her full transmission in this half day event. She’s one of the leading experts on the skills of being Feminine (and integrating it with her already well formed masculine), Lucie has been through a lot personally (on our behalf!!) and what she learned is well worth listening to as she really is sitting on the key to us all having it all - and it’s not going to come to us in the way that you think. We all know it’s time for a paradigm shift - and Lucie is leading the way with it!

If you’re a feminine leader in the world right now, with a passion to transform things for other women in the world, then come get on the ride.

Or if you’re someone who just knows instinctively that it’s time for things to change for you - and you know the way you’re doing thing isn’t quite working, you’re just not quite in flow, then come find your tribe.

This seminar will blow your socks off - and there will be plenty of time to mingle with your sisterhood and receive some powerful reflections from them. Lucie creates community - so it’s as much about connection as it is about the content!

Come and hear it, come and become it - Lucie will be a blast and it’s sure to be a full house!!!

So bag your seat fast ...


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When is it?

26th January 2018,
10AM - 1PM
(though we often stay around and chat for longer!)

Where is it?

Saxon Mill
Coventry Road,
Guys Cliffe,
CV34 5YN

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