Damsels in Success York


Damsels in Success York is a monthly gathering of fabulous women to inspire, energize and support you in creating and living the life of your dreams…as you work, rest and play.



If like us, you are a successful business woman giving YOUR ALL to your Work, your Family, your Friends

then we create the Place and the Space for you

to PUT YOURSELF FIRST, to GROW, to OVERCOME obstacles and enable you to BECOME even more AMAZING – inside and out

…so you can BE MORE

…so you can DO MORE

IMG_0603…WHATEVER that means for You

Who helps you SHAPE your dream? Damsels Do.

Who SHOWS you how to make it happen? Damsels Do.

Who SUPPORTS you in your journey? Damsels Do.

So for the Trailblazer or Entrepreneur in YOU, don’t waste another moment…     

                                     ...come along here to meet us and see for yourself

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