Creating Healthy Cultures - Developing Supportive Environments



13th September 2017
6.30PM - 9.30PM

Sue Jefferson

Do you want to know how the Damsels in Success approach to creating healthy cultures can result in easeful growth and untapped confidence?

Do you want to grow yourself and understand that personal development and business development go hand in hand?

Do you want to be around switched on, soulful women who want sustainable success that is based on their boundaries, their Tribe their environment? Women who want to thrive as the amazing human beings they are in cultures that support that on every level.

Would you like to:

  • Discover the basic fundamentals of building healthy cultures for yourself
  • Question your current experience to find out what needs to change
  • Find the path to an authentic lifestyle that gives you pleasure
  • Live a confident life in which you believe you can achieve anything
  • Become a creator of healthy environments for yourself, your children, your family, your peers
  • Feel your emotional safety is taken care of as a result of you raising your consciousness

Then join us at Damsels in Success for all of these juicy benefits:

*Make more money because you believe you can.
*Love what you are creating in your own World and the wider World for the greater good
*Be so motivated because you are so aligned with your purpose you are living in your true identity and you know what is important to you and how you can create even more.
*Be in flow with your authentic self
*Express yourself fully and creatively (and I don’t mean artistically!)

And feel the powerful support of a sisterhood that supports your soulful success.

We're building on our foundations to equip women for the life they desire.  Knowing how they create healthy environments for healthy living within a community that supports that.

This session is designed to show members and guests how they can create healthy cultures by applying a few fundamentals in their life.  Take small steps to massive change and staying in alignment with their mission and purpose.

Plus all the usual benefits of being part of our Damsels in Success community, such as:

  • Consciously connecting with other entrepreneurial women who want to live their life on purpose
  • Finding a peer group that will support you & hold you to the highest standard
  • Hanging out with the highest vibration of women in your local area.
  • Being in an environment that is free of judgement, where you can relax & totally be yourself
  • Growing yourself & growing your business
  • Attracting more success to you – effortlessly
  • Experience simple sexy success without the unwanted side-effects!
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Are you feeling like?


  • You are pushing treacle up a hill?
  • You have no time for you after taking care of everyone and everything else?
  • There isn't anyone who really gets you and your ideas and inspirations?
  • You don't feel like you are truly being you?
  • You know there is something bigger, bolder and brighter for you?
  • You have no real support to achieve what you want to?

If you answered yes, we have good news for you!

If you want to be part of a community that:

* prioritises your SELF CARE so you’re not only more productive but full of pleasure!

* gives you precious time and space for SELF REFLECTION

* shares specific SKILLS AND STRATEGIES for your SELF DEVELOPMENT and soulful sustainable success – as a woman.

* is a SAFE AND SACRED space

* is one of the most unconditional, non-judgemental SISTERHOODs you could find

– one that will hold you, lift you and catch you when you fall (and we all do at some point!)

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When is it?

13th September 2017,
6:30PM - 9.30PM
(though we often stay around and chat for longer!)

Where is it?

Best Western York Pavilion Hotel
45 Main St, Fulford,
YO10 4PJ

How much does it cost?

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